Flow Theme - Hide tags by prefix (in filter)

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I'm running tags to group my items together but I want to hide specific tags on the collection pages, possibly with a prefix to make it easier for future collections.

For example I have Collections for "Football" and "Baseball" with the tags "Football" and "Baseball" on all items. Let's say the item I have is "White Socks" tagged with "Socks", "Football" and "Baseball".

What I want to do is hide "Football" and "Baseball" from the filter so that in the "Football" Collection the filter doesn't show "Baseball" but only "Socks".

The Theme I'm running is Venture and I'd like to use the default filter but I'm clueless to how I can modify the filter to exclude certain tags.

Easiest solution would be if I can change the tag from "Football" to "_Football" and hide it from the filter