Flow Theme - Search Drawer To add content, Login Drawer to Make it Middle and Mega Menu still visibl

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Good day,


Im new in Shopify, I would like to ask how I can Put additional content on the Search Drawer, and To make the content of Login Drawer in the middle. and the Mega Menu still showing even cursor is already not pointing on Our Shop menu.


Loading of the page dynamic button is too delayed of 5secs


Shop- donnyschoice.myshopify.com

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- Mega menu: It's added by JS and really hard to edit it, because your theme is already JS coded. Therefore, the best way is to contact the theme developer, they will check and fix it for you.
- Loading: Go to file Assets > theme-index.min.css and paste this at the bottom of the file:
.shown-on-scroll {
animation-delay: .05s !important;
Hope it helps!

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