Font Algin for Arabic Language


Hello every1, im new here so forgive me if this topic in the wrong section.

I have an issue lately, my store is  in Arabic language bc i target Arabian ppl.

after I changed my store to Arabic language and i translate it from settings, i went to see my store but it's not what i expected

Arabian ppl writes from right side to left side, but my store wrote the Arabian words from left side to right side (bc it is programmed to write in eng i guess)

here is an example from wiki, eng vs arb


You can see the differences now and understand me more, i could edit most of the website to fit Arabic language including the checkout page, but still have two parts i couldn't fix it witches the general text and the menu :









im sorry i ask a lot of hlp but can any1 hlp me to fix this ? any ideas? i checked theme.scss i edit a lot of things but those idk how to fix it


theme name : Debut


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Thank you for your question. 
You can try to add this code:

body {
  direction: rtl;

follow this path:
Themes => edit code => asset => theme.scss.liquid
and add this code to bottom of the file theme.scss.liquid

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