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Hi everyone!

(Posted this originally in the General Discussions group, but realise now that this is probably a more appropriate location)

We're currently moving our current e-commerce store from Podia, a learning/education-centric platform, to Shopify.

We're debating Shopify vs Shopify Plus – our current monthly turnover is about $200k plus we have plans to expand this comprehensively once the migration is complete.

But one of the main draws for me is the option to customise the Shopify Plus checkout page.

We sell digital products, and our current checkout process (on Podia) is incredibly simple – the user fills in their email address, their card info, and boom, they're done (via Stripe, or Paypal if they wish). The idea of making people fill out a full physical address is a bit crazy, particularly when there's no shipping involved – and as these are low-cost low-margin products, every fraction of a % is going to count when it comes to our conversion rate.

I know Shopify Plus checkouts are customisable. But how customisable – is it functional, or just aesthetic? I know the address field is sometimes needed for verification, but is it possible to create a more seamless 'Buy Now' experience on a product page that doesn't force users to go via a cart, via name/address, and the whole rigmarole. What are our options here? And what changes can be made to a checkout page that really impacts the conversion rate?

Because if the customisation is limited we may just stay on the regular Shopify platform altogether (though Flow and Launchpad are both major draws also, and could pay their own way in terms of saved staffing and software costs).

Does anyone have examples/screenshots of really frictionless Shopify Plus checkout experiences? Thanks in advance for your help. I'm both very experienced and completely inexperienced when it comes to ecomm, and looking forward to learning more!

tl;dr: How customisable is the Shopify Plus checkout process, can we remove the address fields, and can it really impact conversion rates – or is it just about branding?

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@easierway Sorry I'm the first one to answer this.


You can just mark your item as "digital" and customers won't have to fill out the shipping address.