Full height on debut theme?

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Hi guys, I just finished setting up my store, however I think this main image will look so much better if it goes all the way to the top, behind the menu bar. Any coding I can do here? I am trying to avoid changing themes. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 6.11.45 PM.png

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@beatrizb even if you make that change you will have a domino effect of other things that must be changed to support it without detrimentally affecting the masthead .

The notification bar will still be over the image or you have to make it transparent impacting text contrast.

The menu items have the same issue with navigation being even more critically impacted by bad contrast against a background image.

Any sticky menu feature would also likely need to be adjusted.

The banner text would need to try and be moved to avoid a crammed layout of everything squished towards the top of the page.



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