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Hi dear

Im looking for a way to put a full-width image to my page.
The page is https://byhusted.dk/pages/kontakt
Code for my store: heobow
As you can see, the picture is not fitting the edges on the screen.

Im using the brooklyn theme
Hope anyone can help

Looking forward to hear from anyone! :D


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Hi, there.

Emma here from Shopify. Thanks for posting your question on our forums - we love seeing the community engage with each other here and share ideas. I noticed that you've posted in our Announcements forum, and just wanted to let you know that I've moved this conversation over to our Design forum where we discuss Shopify themes, liquid, logos and similar topics as I think you'll have a better response in that area!

With regards to your question about adding a full-width image to your contact page, I took a look at your store, and it seems like you have figured out how to do this on your own. Way to go, it looks great!

What will you be working on next? We're happy to lend a hand if needed, just let us know. It looks like you're getting ready to launch your business pretty soon? We wish you much success and can't wait to see what you create!

Emma | Shopify Support

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Hey Emma!

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I manage to add a full-width image by using an app. But im not satisfied with it, because it loads a lot slower.
Do you still have some fif to add a full-width image without using an app?

Best regards!