Fulltime Digital Marketer to Self-Employment Again

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In 2015, I opened my first dropshipping store. Before gurus, before everyone was talking about dropshipping. I did $785,000 in revenue in a year and a half. I profited about $150,000 before I turned 20. Being naive, ignorant, and young, I spent about $75,000 of that in in a year and a half on dumb materialistic purchases, and partying. My business died because I was too busy partying that I stopped caring about my customers and my brand was soon tarnished. I was a failure in my mind. It was a huge wake-up call.


Fast forward to 2019, I took a job at a digital marketing agency, after graduating college with a bachelors in marketing and minor in advertisement. The work environment was so-so. I really admired my boss and coworkers, but believed I deserved more than I was being compensated for (it was a start-up, so in no way am I blaming them. They paid and gave what they could afford to.)