Get Shopify Products by Barcode or MetaFields

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Hi there,

I need to ask if there is any way to get specific products using their barcodes? I know that we can get specifics products using their handles by all_products[] syntax but I need to retrieve products not by their handles but by their barcodes.

If this is not possible, is there a possibility to retrieve products using their metafield values?

Thanks in advance!

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You need to know what the handle is if you want to use all_products in Liquid.

When you say "get Shopify Products" what's the usage? How on the site would you use the barcode to show a product?

Having more context may help the members give better advice or other ways to tackle the problem.

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Hi Jason,

My client try to link their product to display with Blog Post.
Because it need to display product review rating and price.
In this moment handle can do the job very well.
However, my client said they always will change the product name to match their campaign promotion.
I would like to know can you suggest how to link product with ID or barcode.