Getting Image Object for Image In Library???

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Hi all

I am trying to create a reusable promo footer on the collections page. I was hoping to arbitrarily add content blocks etc to my collections page but the template is a section of its' own and you can't have sections inside sections.

So I have now gone down the snippets path to create a reusable footer promotion area but the main issue I'm having is I wanted to access the aspect_ratio of the image object previously uploaded in to a library..

I can't find any way to do this..

when using an image uploaded in to a section you can do stuff like: section.settings.image


Because I'd ideally like to be able to pull an image from the library as an image object.. Does someone know if this is possible?

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Yes, you can get an image from its name, try something like:

{% assign hero=images['myhero.jpg'] %} for the image myhero.jpg in the files.  I use this to get image objects that have been saved in files from names in metafields.


Now you can use image attributes and filters on this, such as hero.width, hero.alt, hero | img_url.

To get the aspect ratio as a percentage do:

{% assign ratio = hero.height | times: 100.0 | divided_by: hero.width %}