Gift Card Variant Image Displayed on Customer Email

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Hey all. I've seen a lot of talk about the Gift Card product having the ability to add variant images but not having the ability to reflect that variant image on the customer receipt/email. 

Is there a solution for this? For example, we have a gift card with the variants of "Birthday", "Holiday", and "Just Because" -- I would like someone who gets the birthday card to get the image we created for that card. 

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Hi @myezpaint, I'm Neomi from app,

We specialized in Gift Cards & Loyalty store credit solutions.

Using Rise gift card solution you can create a silk experience for your customers, you can upload many different photos to choose from, let the customer write his own greeting, and schedule it for the perfect time. The gift card will be sent to the recipient by email and he will receive an animated card with the selected photo, greeting, and of course, the gift card itself.


This is, gift card options, one of my favorites!

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