GoCart Ajax doesn't work if button TEXT is clicked

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Hey! So this is an unusual one,

I've added GoCart to a theme our client has been using, in most instances with a like for like, direct copy of the code. 


Everything ~ works ~ fine appart from one thing. The add to cart buttons only work as ajax add to cart if you click on the button but not on the button text or icon.


So If i click the background colour of the button, I get the ajax cart opening, but if I click the words "Add to cart" inside the button, it takes me to the cart page,

Does this ring a bell to anyone / is it a common and easy fix?


Any help would be much appreciated

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Hello @GeorgeMcG ,

Sounds like the z-index of the text element is higher than the outside element. Try to decrease it.
If it doesn't work then try to target click the parent element on click of text child element.


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