Going crazy with these Layout Issues on Wi-Fi Connections - Urgent!

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Hello Gurus,

I'm facing serious technical issues from time to time when I access my store's website. I have already received complaints from visitors facing the same issue.

It ONLY happens when the Website is accessed via WI-Fi connections, no matter if they are public or private, and also for all browsers - I've tried with many - and also on laptop and mobiles. With data-mobile internet connections never happens! 

The problem is that the images and javascript files are not loaded correctly and consequently the layout gets all messy, without images and menus and buttons. I'm pretty sure that is not related with the THEME itself, because I've tried two Shopify themes, and two weeks ago I bought a Theme to see if it would fix the issue, but the issue remains. I believe this is a feature of Shopify Servers because this issue never happened on the other thousands of websites I've visited.

Also it happens sometimes in Shopify dashboard , when I'm adding products for example. And it always happens if I enter on shopify.com or in my website in a Private/Incognito Window of Chrome or Firefox. So that's why is not related with theme for sure! 

This is killing me because I'm in the first months of my Business and this is a Huge downside to get customers and sales. Very probably I will need to move to another E-commerce Plataform.

From my investigation on the errors I've found in the Browsers Console this issue is related with Content Security Policy of browsers when websites use files from other sources, such as CDN folders, which are used by Shopify.