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i failed to run Google Shopping ads because of "Insufficient payment information" as google mention in last 2 emails, 


I got a call from google requesting updating two points :


1 - In Cart Page & before checkout ( before user entering email  id) > Clearly mention payment methods.

2 - Adding in footer link to Payment methods page.


also i added a note > so user will know total amount + shipping fees.


Than request for review & received the below text :


-------- Start text from google --------

Your Merchant Center account is in violation of the following policies:

Insufficient payment information


Insufficient Payment Info:

Failure to state the methods of payment accepted, or the full expense that a user will bear before and after purchase. This information needs to be clearly and conspicuously stated before checkout.

For more details, please visit

Suggestions to fix this issue:

Make sure that before checkout:

  • Your site clearly lists all payment methods accepted
  • You clearly state the full expense that a user will bear before and after purchase

-------- End text from google --------



How can i solve it ? is it mandatory to have Online payment ? thanks in advance for your time & effort.

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Based on your question, I guess you don't have an online payment.

But yes you are required to offer an online payment method. More info:

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You might resolve it by adding the payment icons to the footer of your site. You can access it through customizing your theme, find the footer, check the box to display payment icons. Then resubmit for review in your google merchant center. Good luck!

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There is only one working payment method need to active no matter is online payment or cash on delivery  

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You need to have an online payment method and add the payment partners to the footer of your page and the checkout page. 

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Hope this helps.


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