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I have recently launched my Shopify website but I have facing warning in the Google Search Engine regarding Product crawler. 9 issues have been identified across 52 pages, but I am clueless how to resolve them. See below a copy screen of the results.

I struggle to understand them (e.g. SKU missing as any Shopify product has a SKU automatically generated), as well as to identify the pages.

Appreciate any help. 

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Your product landing pages are missing the structure data markup code.

Some fields are missing the value.
Please check here and add the markup in it:

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Thank you for your response. Thank for sharing the Google Data Testing tool.

However, I still do not understand what improve within the Shopify product page that I use to create products.

In the example that you have used for the testing, it is our "Vincent Cake" products. Google is warning that there is missing the followings:

1. Description ==> But I have a full description of the cake in the product page. I can see in the Google tool that there is 2 Description fields. One is ok, but not the other one?

2. URL ==> What URL?. Again it seems that the tool talk about 2 different URLs. I do not understand

3. SKU ==> This product has the auto-generated Shopify SKU product. What should I do (see attached print screen)

4. Price ==> I have indicated the price in Shopify. What else can be done? (see attached print screen)

5. Brand ==> I do not see any filed for Brand in the Shopify page to create products

6. PriceValidUntil ==> What is the field? I do not see anything in Shopify product page about price validaty

7. Review and Rating ==> How these field could be filled through Shopify? This can oonly be provided through other reviewing tool


My apology but I still do not understand what I am supposed to do better when I create a product in Shopify.

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