Google warnings, Products, Missing field "priceValidUntil"

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Mine is getting worse each time also!! I started another thread here

But no one has answered that thread either. 


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Hi, everyone!


This is May from Shopify Support.


I apologize for the delayed response.


You’ve put your trust in us to keep your business running smoothly, and I understand how frustrated and worried you must feel when you see these warnings. Although it can be alarming, these warnings are generally considered recommendations by Google. It is not required, but they want it to be supplied if available. Even though they are optional, Google will still prompt a warning so you are aware there is an option to use that field if desired.


As most of you may already know, this issue would revolve around the setup of the information in your theme code (either specifically by your theme or added via an app). All themes developed by Shopify are routinely updated to follow SEO best practises. If Google makes a change to their Rich Data Structure, we will look to incorporate that change. We cannot comment on third party themes; for those please contact the theme developer.


@Janet_Story wrote:

All those Google warnings are kind of scary; does this mean my pages are getting buried in search?

No, warnings will not affect search rankings. They may make some optional features not available though. For example, Google will not show prices/products after the date of the “priceValidUtill” field is filled.


I also saw some discussions in this thread on adding structured data to your theme (microdata & JSON-LD). Some merchants have had positive experience from using this. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.


Best Regards,



May | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thank you for getting back to us, and for recommending the Feedarmy
script. Having a recommendation from you goes a long way toward building
trust, rather than just coming across it as a random script found on the

I think it's the part about "removing all old structured data" that's
scaring many of us. I know that when I click on the Google warnings it
points to code lines that contain the terms "itemprop," "itemtype" or
"itemscope" and these are microdata. However, most of us are not coders
and we're afraid of wrecking our stores.

As for theme updates, the hiccup is that many of us have customized our
themes, and a customized theme will not automatically update. That means
we have /no way of knowing/ whether or not a theme is updated. A push
notification might be too much to expect, especially for a free theme
(the expensive third-party themes really ought to give better customer
service), but an easy way to check dates or version numbers shouldn't be
too hard. I feel that Shopify ought to take the lead on this with its
own themes, and is a better position than individual users to encourage
third-party developers to do it as a best practice.
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@May  thank you for the reply. 

I tried to add the JSON-LD as recommended on   i could not get it to work.

Depending where i placed the code i still had the same errors or i had more error & warnings.

Minimal theme product liquid is small, i moved the code all over and could not make it work


Product Liquid.jpg


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The product.liquid in Minimal is a pointer to a file in the Templates
section, template.product.liquid. Did you place your code there? And
remove every line containing itemtype, itemscope or itemprop?
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Hi @Janet_Story 

What a pain in the rear!

I have product-template.liquid in the Sections section. 

I really don't understand all this but my Minimal is the most updated version, if the itemscope, itemprop etc does not work why is it in there?? 

Anyway, do i just remove the line, such as, line 1, 30, 31 etc? 


product-template liquid.jpg

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Hi @Janet_Story 


i paste the feedarmy JSON-LD code in my product template in my minimal Theme


Capture d’écran 2019-04-20 à 16.06.53.png


when i test my products url in the testing tool of google i have this :


Capture d’écran 2019-04-20 à 16.08.15.pngCapture d’écran 2019-04-20 à 16.08.26.png


i end up with 2 product structured data, how can i remove the first product structured data ? (i suppose it's the old microdata in the minimal theme)

and in the second product structured data i have this :


Capture d’écran 2019-04-20 à 16.09.01.png


How can i fix these warnings knowing that i have reviews in my products thanks to the app "products reviews" ?


thanks in advance for your answer. 

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I don't know about removing the lines. Haven't tried it yet - plan to do
it on a duplicate version of my theme this weekend if/when I have time.
looks like it will make the process less scary. You can delete lines in
the duplicate without affecting your live store.

The impression I've gotten from my forays around the web is that
microdata still does work for most purposes. If you search "JSON-LD vs
microdata" you'll find plenty of sites saying that it depends on what
your business is and how your customers find you (though I've found
remarkably little guidance on how that would apply to my store). If you
look at the FeedArmy page where the JSON script is, there's a tab for
microdata as well. (It looks as though the theme code is missing terms
for the things that are showing up as Google warnings; the FeedArmy
microdata script will add them.) It's only if you use Google Merchant
Center that you absolutely /have/ to switch to JSON.

Can't help with product reviews; I sell vintage so don't use them.
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I can't figure it out, I removed each line with itemtype, itemprop and itemscope but I can't save the page.  According to this -    

Step 3 - Some will be attached to HTML components you want to keep, like your price display and product name. Others will be hidden elements like meta or span tags. This is where HTML expertise will help.

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I'm working on this right now. ONLY delete the references to itemprop,
itemtype and itemscope and anything they equal. Do not delete any other
components. So in the line that's enclosed in the tag you'd only
delete itemprop="name" - you wouldn't delete the or the part in
curly brackets. I did that in a newly downloaded, clean copy of Minimal
that I haven't gone live with yet (I'm transferring all my other
customizations over) and was able to save and preview a product page
with no errors that I could see.

I don't know if this will get rid of the Google warnings yet (I won't
see that until I actually publish the new theme and right now I'm
transferring all my customizations over.