Gray out or disable variants that are sold out - Debut Theme but open to changing themes

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We are somewhat new to Shopify - our shop went live on 6/1/2021. We use the Debut theme. 

We sell discs for disc golf which means we usually set up our items with multiple variants determined by one option: color. So, a specific disc may have 12 different variants, which are all based on the color of the disc/foil. When I sell one variant, that variant continues to LOOK like it's available until it is selected in the variant drop down. Only when the item is selected do you see the "sold out" box pop up. I want any sold out variants to be NON-selectable and grayed out, like you see on most websites. This really should be basic functionality. I have found numerous posts on this issue and no actual solution. We tried the code changes recommended here but they no longer seem to work after Shopify updates.

Is there ANY solution to this? Is there any other themes that do this automatically? 

We would appreciate any help on this issue. 

This is our store:

This is an example of a listing with sold out variants that continues to let you select those variants. If I add an in-stock item to this listing, these three sold out variants are still selectable. I want them to be grayed out or somehow marked as unavailable.

Thank you in advance for any assistance. 

-Mindy from MHDS

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Hi Mindy,

This can be achieved with some theme customisation. I can do that. If you are interested, please send me a personal message and we can discuss the details.

Thank you