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Hey everyone,

I'm currently setting up a shop using the Grid Theme and found out today that I need to show the unit prices (so e.g. price per kg or liter) for all products according to German legislation. Unfortunately this theme doesn't support this feature. Now the worst about it is: I need to launch the shop on Monday :(

Does anyone have experience adjusting the theme to this issue on every page ?


I appreciate every hint or help I can get!!!




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Hi, @ph1l3z ,

This is Evita from On The Map.


You can try this app -


Best, Evita

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Hi Evita,


Thanks for your help! Unfortunately the app doesn't help in my case. Shopify calculates the unit price automatically based on the input on the product settings (see screenshot below). These price needs to be shown next to price per product. So for example if I'm selling a product, which includes 10 ml for 50€ it needs to show 500€/100ml or 5000€/liter next or below to the price per product. I'm looking for a guide similar to this one, but for the Grid Theme:


Does someone else have an idea?