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I am very new to using shopify, and recently went live on my website. I ran my site through an SEO optimizer to see how it was doing....wasnt great :( I know little about coding etc and i have been trying to figure out if my home page currently has any H1 tags. I am trying to improve the SEO of my site which is a mind field. Any help would be appreciated. Can anyone tell me if :

1)my homepage has any H1 tage, currently using the debut theme. 

2)ways to increase SEO, I have optimised most titles and meta discriptions, and working my way through ALT text. 

3) After changing these discriptions how long does it take to update on google etc




feeling really deflated :(


Hi SaraA,
I did analysis your website

1. Your site SEO Score is very low.
2. Your webpage is using inline CSS styles!
3. Your page uses more than 20 http requests, which can slow down page loading and negatively impact user experience.
4. We've found 22 email addresses in your page code. We advise you to protect email links in a way that hides them from the spam harvesters.
5. Your DNS server is not using an SPF record. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send mail from a given domain by creating a specific SPF record or TXT record in the Domain Name System (DNS).
6. Structure Data Markup is having a many warning messages, it needs to be fixed to enhance the online appearance.
7. Site Speed score is also very poor.
8. Social Media Activities: Very low score on social media channels. All social media business pages needs to be optimized properly and actively participate in it.
9. Website is not appearing for brand name on Google SERP. Need to build strong SEO and knowledge graph to increase brand value.

Your site score to down check report
10. Customers testimonial or reviews will also help to increase brand values
site score1.jpg

I will be happy to help you need any more help on this.

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I just gone through your website. And find these things there.
1- Yes your home page has the H1 tag- "<h1 class="h2 site-header__logo">" this the tag used on your home page for the Logo.
2- For meta title and description. Please note many search engine truncate the meta title after 70 character and meta description after 160 character. So please cut the content and include more strong keyword in meta.
3- And google takes 8-9 working days to update it.

Please let me know if it was helpful.

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Hi Ankur,


Thank you for your reply. This does make a whole lot of sense. I have been actively trying to work on Keywords etc. As this side of things is very new to me I had no idea I had to include any of this. I am no website developer, merely someone wanting to sell their product to a wider audience. 


In regards to the previous message, I do not understand much of what was explained. I used the debut theme thinking it would be all set up ready to go basically. I thought all I would have to do is add my information and I would be away laughing, but it doesn't sound like that from the above comment. What is your opinion?


Thanks for your time.

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I really do not understand much of what you have said. I really would like to try an fix some of the issues myself, rather than hiring anyone. Can you run me through any of the things you have mentioned above?



Hi Sara

Shopify has many things ready to use. But still there lot of things to do.
And if you are new to development in that case you can not work on all SEO related things.
But still you can manage the meta title, description by yourself.

For the homepage, go to:

    Online Store > Preferences
    Enter a homepage title and meta description

For general pages, go to:

    Online Store > Pages
    Select a page
    Enter a page title and meta description

For all products, go to:

    Select a product
   Find Where to edit Shopify title tags for products
   Enter a page title and meta description

For collections, go to:

   Products > Collections
   Select a collection
   Click on “Edit website SEO”
   Enter a page title and meta description

You can mange all your meta this way.


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Hi, I've been looking for an answer for a whole hour on how to change the H1 tag on my home page -


I am using the supply theme and cannot seem to find an answer or maybe I just do not understand properly. 


Please help -


My site is www.blueprinttoners.com.au 


I need a h1 tag please how do i do this?

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Please check header.liquid file. After opening this file, search "header-logo" and you will see your H1 tag.


Hope you doing well.

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thank you for your response - can you please run me through how to change
this, I would like to put my keyword for the H1 of the home page :)

[image: Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 2.31.53 am.png]