H1 Title on product pages moves around


I have a problem that started after the recent Green dashboard changes.

When I edit my product pages now the top title line (the one with the arrows) now has a Green Active button at the end of it then it has "More Actions' and a drop down box.

When I go to edit or make any changes to the description in the product, the "Active" button jumps down 1 row and makes the whole page jump down with it.

This happens with EVERY key stroke on the keyboard and is pretty horrible to work with!

I have included two images of where they Active button changes.

Is there now a limit on the size of my H1 product titles??

First image below is how it starts.

Second image below is when there is one space added to a paragraph.


Any help would be good thanks

This is how it opens before I do anything.This is how it opens before I do anything.This is after I put one curser space at the end of a paragraph.This is after I put one curser space at the end of a paragraph.


Hi @sallyridgway108 

Unfortunately can't be changed, that is the shopify's console.

My only suggestion is changing the title name to make it smaller, rechanging back it once you completed all the changes

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Thank you for replying, but not a workable solution.. Sorry 

This was not a problem before the latest updates when the dashboard turned Green. 

I am not about to change 900+ of titles to make them shorter and then maybe have to alter all the URL's as well when it was fine before.