HELP!!! Debut Theme

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Can anyone point me in the right direction with this Debut Theme question?

I'm trying to add a line break in the Header Settings text area.  I'm trying to get a larger sized font to read
"Your Days Are Long
Your Years Are Short"

followed by a smaller sized text beneath that.


Right now, it reads as
"Your Days Are Long Your Years
Are Short"


Where can I add a break in the "heading" input box? Can't find it in the code, but I'm a simpleton when it comes to coding.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @3KingsDesigns 


Here's I think what you're looking for but just know that when editing the liquid code, you need to look around to make sure you're not breaking something else. 

Not sure if you know where to find the liquid code so I'll start there. Under your Online Store, there is a theme link. Click that and the first section has an Actions dropdown. Select Edit Code.

You'll now see all your liquid files. Search for hero in the search box. It should come up with a Sections folder with hero.liquid file. That's where you can edit the code.

Specifically, line 15-17 assuming nothing else has changed on your theme.

You'll need to hard code the text you want for the second large text. Be sure to test this on mobile so you know how it rolls over and make sure the text remains inside your hero image.


If you have any other questions or need help, let me know.