HELP: Required parameter missing or invalid: id

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Round two: I am receiving the following error : Required parameter missing or invalid: id when trying to add items to cart.


I do understand that it has to do with the theme customisation, however the errors are only occurring with to specific Brands (vendors) on my site.


We have added  products before and after these and have no issues with any of the new customisations.


I have reverted to previously saved themes and still only these to Vendors appear to have issues?

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Vadzim from MageWorx team here.


The problem is that the structure of the select tag that is responsible for

choosing product variants is broken.


RAMBLER BOTTLE 18oz - BY SAN SEBASTIAN 2019-02-22 11-08-06.png

It must look like this:


Back Of Red Plaid Shirt – vadzim2 2019-02-22 11-11-12.png

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