Have a video banner that plays automatically?

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I've read a few other posts and either there's not enough information or the code isn't working.

I want to replace my banner image with a video but I need the video to play automatically when the shop opens. The video is short so I could honestly even have a .gif but it seems like there's not much helpful info on that either.

The theme I use is Debut.

I tried adding in some code I had seen in other posts but they never mention where to put it so it takes the place of the banner image? I know nothing about coding either so I'm just a bit confused.

How can I add a video that autoplays to my website? Preferably one that goes from one edge of the page to the other, like a banner image. App suggestions welcome!

If I can't do that, can I use a .gif in it's place? How would I go about that?




Please share your site url.


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did you find any helpful answer ? Is there a theme that makes life easier when dealing with videos in banners? What I am sure of is that if you want autoplay, your video must have no sound.

Hope this helps a bit