Having different images for mobile and desktop in the section "Newsletter" on PRESTIGE theme.

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Hi there. 

Been trying to solve this for 6h, but can't get it to work on my specific theme by using instructions made for other themes. I been able to customize the editor to make the sections for uploading different images depending on device appear, but there's something that goes wrong and I get two images on top on each other as an end result. I have no coding skills, I just like to fix things myself by using the great tutorials experts provide in this forum, but this time I feel beaten by my own inexprience;) 

If anyone can help me fix this, what I assume is pretty easy when you know how to do it, I would very much appreciate it. Of course I would gladly pay for the service!

my site is andyokay.com and the password is "famous"


Thank you so much,