Having trouble creating customized field in my product page with Testament Theme

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Hi there, am currently using the testament theme and I followed this thread really closely and I am still unable to search for type="submit"  in my original product-template.liquid section. https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-Design/Product-pages-Get-customization-information-for-produ...

What puzzles me the most is that when I start from scratch and copy the main product-template.liquid into my product-customized-template.liquid and preview the page, it looks totally distorted. Was wondering why is that happening? 

Nevertheless, I have tried to include the code and it works, I am able to include a custom field, but I can't seem to figure out why the entire page is distorted originally even before I add in the engraving field in my product page. Was wondering if anyone can help me out with this? 

Much help is appreciated!!!

Thank you. 

Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 2.14.06 AM.png