Header logo isn't lining up with main navigation upon theme upgrade (Mr. Parker theme)

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Hi there,

I just updated my Mr. Parker theme on my store and can't get the header to look any good. It looks like Mr. Parker made changes to the header that won't allow me to have my store look the same as it does in the previous version I was using. 

Here's what my live store currently looks like:










And here's what the updated theme version looks like (modified to look as close to my original site as possible)








The logo + header combination look terrible... The navigation won't line up horizontally with the logo, the underline (border) won't go below the logo to span the full widtch of the image below it and the logo itself has no padding under it, making it way too close to the image below it. 

The updated theme is very limited in allowing me to make the header look any good. 

Any help would be appreciated.




Hello ,
Please share your site url.
So that i can check and let you know the exact solution here.

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I think they intentionally modified to vertically-central align your header logo with main navigation, not an error of displaying logo. Or you can directly ask Mr.Parker theme developers via email for a cause.