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Hi all

Newbie here with first store. Have searched extensively for this. We only have a pop down for the menu now which opens the sidebar. For desktop we want a full nav bar. This has disappeared for some reason. Not sure why. Anyone able to help? Thanks in advance. 



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Hello Tony,

This is one of two problems:

1. If it has always been like that then it is just built into the theme that way and cannot be changed.

2. If it has changed to be like that then you have too many header navigation links.

-To fix this go into your Navigation area and select the Main Menu link list. Remove some of these links until the navigation re-appears. If you are unhappy with the amount of link items availiable you can do a workaround by adding extra links into a submenu instead of the main menu.

The best solution is to contain all the links in a submenu underneath the other main categories. 

Take a look at one of our solutions on a menu that we created at Massive Nutrition Depot where we contained hundreds of products under one mega menu. This is easier said than done though and if you do not know how to code you can just use a dropdown menu. 

To make a drop down menu you have to use link lists: 

Under Main Menu let's say I have Home, About, and Contact

I can then make a link list named About that will contain About us, Blog, and Media.

This will create a dropdown under about that will show the About link list items About us, Blog, and Media.


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I used to have a menu button on my home page, and now its not there any more.
I have only 3 pages linked to the menu.

How do I make the button re-appear?