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Hi all,

I have got a problem that my header slide is cut off when we browse our site via mobile phone.

It looks great on desktop but it is automatically cut off when we use other device.

We are using Debut theme and wondering what can be done to solve the problem.


Our site: www.telestowatches.com



Hi Gloria,

The easiest way for you, will be a little change of the CSS in your theme.


Please, test changes in a theme copy first vs editing the live theme (unless you are really sure you know it will work). Duplicate the theme and test things in the copy.

Follow these steps:

1.From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes (Debut theme).
2. Choose "Edit code" from the "Actions" drop-down menu.
3. On the Edit HTML/CSS page, you can edit the Assets / theme.scss.liquid file.
4. You should find the following lines in the file (the code is about 5205 line):

.hero--large {
  height: 488px;

5. Pick up a suitable height for you and replace it with this one. (488px --> ....px)

6. Save changes

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Oh it works!! Thank you so much!!!!

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Hi - I am also trying to have my full slide images show responsively within Debut mobile.  I tried duplicating the steps in the code Arthur provided but it did not work.

Arthur, could you look at my code in a browser Develop menu and provide the correct code here to reach my goal?  

I did try to reach out to Shopify theme experts on this last week and they said it couldn't be done.  Gloria's website on mobile proves them wrong.

Please assist.  Many thanks.

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Now, following this article I got it to work across desktop and mobile:


There remains the problem of fragmentation of the answer to my question in these forums.  There are too many answers to this one question and trying to figure out which one applies to one's situation is too much digging and testing.

Shopify, or gurus, I would suggest you make ONE help article (NOT a forum reply, but an official HELP article) that addresses this issue and how to fix it step by step in order to make the Debut theme more user friendly.  I have been working on this problem for 6 hours - not fun!

Simplify the instructions or automate the solution in the theme itself and add the Help article, not a bunch of forum answers you have to dig through!          Many thanks.