Help Editing a Loop, Removing Call to Specific Collection

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Hello! So I know enough CSS and HTML to be dangerous, and did once years ago did take a C++ class which kind of translates to Liquid. But I'm completely blanking on how to edit this code to exclude one collection name from this loop. The idea is to place this in my product descriptions to link people back to the collection they're from. Almost all my products are part of one group called Our Molds, and that's not a collection I want called to in any descriptions. This code looks great except for that on my pages. So how to edit this code to specifically call out that collection to be skipped? 


{% assign product_collection = product.collections.first %}
{% if product_collection %}
This product is part of the <b>{{ product_collection.title | link_to: product_collection.url }}</b> Collection
{% endif %}