Help changing the background color of a page! (And other custom code for a single page)

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I am currently attempting to change the background color of a single page (and through that, ideally learn how to change other features of a single page as well). In my theme.liquid file, I have changed line 72 to 

<body id="{{ page_title | handle }}" class="{% if customer %}customer-logged-in {% endif %}template-{{ request.page_type | handle }}>

Then at the bottom of my theme.scss.liquid file, I have added this code:

#what-is-analytic-city.template-page {
background-color: #00A0D2;


However, no matter what color I enter, the background color of my "what-is-analytic-city" page remains the same. I have also included a screenshot of the page after inspecting it: 

Screenshot 2021-02-02 130220.png


Could someone please let me know what I am missing? Thank you!