Help: need higher image resolution in custom tabs

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I need help with increasing the image resolution of all my images on my site (including the images on “product description” custom tab of product pages).

Product image gallery resolution is crisp and clear but have issues with resolution of images in custom tabs (images are blurrier on mobile and iPad than desktop)


I use Canva to download my images at higher resolution. Then I either use photoshop to save image for web (JPG 100% quality) or just upload the image downloaded from Canva but the images always come up blurry on my site. I understand that shopify compress the resolution of images. But I’ve seen shopify sites where the images are a lot clearer and of higher resolution than mine. Can someone help? I don’t code so can only copy and add codes. 

if you need developer access so it’s easier to edit codes, feel free to email me at 


see example