Help needed: currency switcher code triggers 'add to cart' when selecting product variants

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Hi! I'm new to Shopify theme development. I've added a currency switcher to the header of our store (which uses the Debut theme) following Shopify's instructions at It uses JavaScript to trigger the currency change. Unfortunately, while the currency switcher works, it also impacts the product variant selection. Each time I select a size, the product is immediately added to the cart and I'm sent to the cart. It seems like the currency selector code somehow triggers the "Add to cart" button when a size is selected, and I cannot figure out why. Any help would be very much appreciated!

This is the code used to add the switcher:

<div class="site-header__icon">{% form 'currency' %}
            <select name="currency">
              {% for currency in shop.enabled_currencies %}
              {% if currency == cart.currency %}
              <option selected="true">{{currency.iso_code}} {{currency.symbol}}</option>
              {% else %}
              {% endif %}
              {% endfor %}
            {% endform %}


 ...and this is the Javascript&colon;

/* Currency switcher */
function currencyFormSubmit(event) {;

  document.querySelectorAll('.shopify-currency-form').forEach(function() {
    this.addEventListener('change', currencyFormSubmit);


The issue can be seen here (store password is btm2020):