Help to split my dropdown menu into columns - ICON THEME

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Hi! I am new to Shopify and useless with coding etc and I think this problem involves coding!  I am hoping to get my new site live in a week or so and it's looking good apart from the dropdown menus, one in particular.  I have a 'Brand' menu and as I have quite a few brands it is just a massive vertical menu!  I want this to look better and have the customer scroll less, so I would like to split it into horizontal columns rather than just one long list.  I'm on the Icon theme and really need help with this if possible please...  I have a screenshot of my menu to show what i'm talking about - the pictured menu goes even further down but you have to scroll through it...Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 1.47.19 PM.png