Help with Boundless theme please!

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A few issues (all from desktop) 

-images are ALL different sizes, and some are massive (products).

-some images have a space between them on product pages, some dont'.

-Cant center the 3rd image that appear below the product description

-Tried adding my loox reviews, but it is totally distorted and uncentered (have since removed).

-On some browsers, the text " Enjoy 10% using code WELCOME" or something similar appears. Cannot figure out where to change that!


Any help would be greatly appreciated, and am willing to hire somone to get this done in a timely manner if it isn't something I can easily fix. Time is money, you know how it goes....

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey, Lauren!

For your concern on the product images, these problems usually occur if they're all uploaded at different sizes. You want to be sure that all of the images that you upload for your products, are the same dimensions, and file size. This will ensure that all of the product images will look to be the same size.

For the "10% off using code.." text, perhaps this is an app causing that to pop up? Double check your apps that you've got installed, as it could be generating that.

Lastly, I'm not 100% sure on the other issues exactly and how to help without going into your store, but seeing as Boundless is a Shopify Supported Theme, I'd highly encourage you to send in an email to with your concerns. We can get our Theme Support Team on it to help out with your concerns here. ?  You can also contact our live chat, or phone lines, to get help immediately as well! 

Hope this helps!

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Hey Lauren,

Yoni from Loox here :)

We're happy to help with fixing the integration of our widget into your theme - please feel free to contact us at or me personally at