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Hi - I'm having a hard time figuring out something that I believe to be very simple!  I am using the Prestige theme, and from my home page one of the collections is "Shop Fragrances" - then once you click on that it takes you to a product page that lists all the different fragrance categories - what I am trying to do, is within each category add several options - I tried doing this my creating a product page for each fragrance but it's not nesting.  


So for example, from home page click "fragrances" from there be redirected to a page that has floral, woody, spa, with the ability to click on each category of fragrance to see the options - so if you clicked floral you could see rose, lavender, etc.  Not sure if they are all to be products, collections, or what?!

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Hi - the reason you're having a hard time figuring it out is because Shopify does not support this by default. What you are after is called 'nested collections' which is an often requested feature yet to be added by Shopify.


There are however a few ways of achieving it:


- Code it yourself. There is an article here

- Use an app. I had a quick look in the app store for you and it looks like this one does it but other people on here may know of alternatives


Probably not the answer you were hoping for but hope it helps.

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Hi @luminousluxe, I think you got confused about what should be product, variant, and collection.

Just want to make sure that you already add products and create collections inside Shopify admin. Then a collection must contain a load of products. By default, if you click on that collection title in homepage, it will direct to that collection page, showing its description and products list. It can't show other collections.

However, the thing you said:

from my home page one of the collections is "Shop Fragrances" - then once you click on that it takes you to a product page that lists all the different fragrance categories

it is more like link it to Collection List Page, and "different fragrance categories" should be different collections (floral, woody, spa,etc) then the options you mention (rose, lavender, etc) actually are products 


You can read more about product and collection here. And the "Shop Fragrances" is not called a collection, just a text or heading.

Then if you want to customize your product or collection page, I suggest using page builder apps so you can control over its design and no need for coding knowledge.




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