Help with Express theme coding

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I am setting up a store with the Express theme: (pw: Kyljac) and I need help with a few customizations.

1. When I scroll down and back up, the space between the header and the first section (image with text) is in my main background color (white) and I would like it to be in my secondary background color (light blue). How can I go about coding this?

2. I would like to reduce the margin between the H2 header and the paragraph text in that same image with text section.

3. I am using product modals and when the modals open, the product images are displayed stacked to the right; however, when zooming in on the browser, the display changes to an image slider. How can I code my theme to ONLY use the image slider? Even better if I can show thumbnails below the slider or on the left side.


THANK YOU in advance!!