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I'm trying to increase my page load speed. Google is suggesting to me that I decrease my image size (another thread) and "Enable compression." I don't know what that last bit means. Help?

It also says to "eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content.

These are labeled as "render-blocking javascript":|Asap:light,normal,bold|Asap:light,normal,bold|

I'm not sure what most of those things are, though one obviously has something to do with my theme, and the very last thing there is an app I have installed.

Now, I am not sure where those things are stored, but I might could find them. But I assume them all to be doing some kind of job on my site that I might want them to keep doing. Is this something I can do (the eliminating bit) or should I leave that alone?

I'm also told to "Leverage browser caching." Is that something I can do, or is using Shopify as my platform hurting me there?

Thanks for any help! Small business man here, much better at crafting than website building.

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Hey Austin,

From what I can see on the Google page speed report, the suggestions provided by Google will provide unnoticeable changes to your website's speed.

If the changes Google suggested were implemented, it would, at best, increase your page load speeds by less than a second. This increase in performance will not be noticeable to users. Unless you notice a significant issue with page load times, there is no need to worry about the page speed report that Google gives you.

The page speed insight that Google provides is great for webmasters who are already experiencing slow load times on their websites. If your website does not have any issues with loading, then the page speed insight won't be able to improve your page load times in significant ways.

If you run into that tool by following the link here: you will see what I mean. 


Hope that clears everything up! In short, your page speed is not properly reflected with that tool. 

- Victoria D