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Hello everyone,


Please consider that I have read all the posts relating to the "banner", "image responsiveness", etc... before posting. However, I am new to Shopify and I haven't been able to find a solution or a functional line of code to solve (please point me to the right direction if you know that such a post exists).


I am strugling a lot with the configuration of my Hero Banner. I am using a custom (SEO driven) theme which is based on Venture. In accordance with the Venture's guidelines, my hero banner is 1800x1000


When I am on a normal size" screen, the ratio of the image is OK.




When I switch to the full screen, it zoom in and one cannot see the characters anymore (see below):




When I switch to mobile the image focal is awful (I know I can change the focal in the drawdown menu, but in this case, it is not suffisiant). 




I realise I shouldn't  be using text on a hero banner (I am new to shopify and I am still searching how to add custom text on my banner). However, it seems that my image itself doesn't fit the Venture theme's settings, so I am primary question is : Should I completely rework my image or is there a way to solve that issue with the "responsive design"? (before taking care of the problem with the text..)


Thanks in advance for your help!


Kind regards,


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Hi Laurent,


I am having the same problem but with the debut theme.

Have you managed to find a solve for this?


Thank You