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I am building a site, Nunaknits, https://nunaknits.myshopify.com/, using the "Brooklyn theme". I have three questions:

1.) I am trying to link the "Shop Now" button on the home page to the Collection list, but it links me to a page called "Catalogue" which I cannot find.  Similar "Store" in the footer links to this "Catalogue" page, I like it to be linked to the Collection list. I do not have any way to edit the home page. How can this be fixed?

2.) When linking to "Summer Hats", the page does not directly open and a customer does not see the hats unless s/he clicks on "Summer Hats".  I have the same problem with  "Alpaca Socks".  All other pages, "Vintage", "Handspinnig Fiber", "Tools and Trims", "Body Care", "Yarns", open directly on the correct page.  How can I fix this?

3.) I would like to add the UPS and USPS accounts, how can I do that?

Many thanks.