Hide Variant From User View (Brooklyn)

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Hey there,

I'm running a 3rd party (product customization) app on some of my product templates, which allows the user to manually design/customize the product.  The variants are controlled with that app engine, so what I want to do is hide the variants from view on the initial product page.  It's too confusing for the customers to see the product/pricing there, then see it again inside the app.

I'm currently on Brooklyn theme.

Any takers?


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Hi there,

Chris from Shopify here. I managed to hide the variants from view on my Brooklyn theme in the following manner.

Go to product-template.liquid under the Sections folder, then scroll down to the add to cart form snippet, on line 81 (or thereabouts). Comment out everything below the add to cart form to encompass the unless loop. Here's what mine looks like:

Hope that helps! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@shopify.com


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it's still visible on mobile view. How to hide in mobile screen?