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Hi Qualitycheck,

I want to hide options from the dropdown when the variant does not exist


Password: letmein


Available Options are only:

No Sign | N/A

DIY Sign Kit | Print your own sign

Standard Sign | Blue

Standard Sign | Grey

Custom Sign | Add my logo


Eg. So when I choose "No sign" for first option, I only want the second dropdown to show "N/A" and not the other options.  

Can you assist with this?

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Once applied, there seems to be a black space where the variant used to appear. This causes other variants (that I want to keep) to be shifted over unnecessarily. Is there a way to alter to code to prevent a "place holder" where the unwanted variant was eliminated? 

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I have added this code to my file and it has not changed anything. Could I be doing something wrong? 





@simonsprock  It's much better for the user if you use only one dropdown that contains all of the five options. That way the user only has to choose from one dropdown, instead of two separate dropdowns - less friction to get to checkout. You can also fully control the option combinations that way without relying on hacks controlling the dropdown options.

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I know this is an old post -- are you still having that problem? Make sure you are using display:none and not visibility:hidden. Otherwise, you can provide me with the code and I can try and help you!

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what if I have multiple variants and options how can I hide the ones that don't relate? Please help: