Hide a product type from search results?

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Hi Everyone - 


Is it possible to hide one product type from the search results? 


Thanks in advance for your help! 


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Hello Maria, My name is Sam. There is a way to hide a product from the search results and that envolves doing some metadata configuration. In case you need further assistant please let me know and i can do it for you.

Follow the below steps:

1. install the ShopifyFD Chrome Extension, downloadable here.

2. From the Shopify back end, load up the product that you want to hide from Shopify search, then just click the ShopifyFD extension icon

3. On the right handside a new column will be displayed with MetaFields title

4. Just fill it in with the below details, should look like the below image

"namespace" : "seo"
"key" : "hidden"
"value" : 1
"value_type" : "integer"


Note, if you later want the product to re-appear in your site search, you will need to change the value to 0


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What about if not using a certain app? Just edit the code? Can you send us a code snippets please?