Hide unselected variant images for Prestige theme

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I am new with Shopify and was building my store when I encountered a severe issue with the product page with the Prestige theme. I have an issue where all of the images from EACH variation are shown, regardless of what is being selected. I would like it to only show the image of the variant that is being selected (thus hiding the unselected variants)

I don't know where to start and the product.liquid code is not friendly at all. This is everything in there:

{% section 'product-template' %}
{% section 'related-products' %}
{% section 'recently-viewed-products' %}

I couldn't upload the product.template.liquid

This is my website

password is "wenene"

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Hi Mika,
This is Shafiqul, Shopify Expert.
I can help you to show multiple image in a single variant and hide the unselected variant images in Prestige theme.
Please contact me if you need help https://shafiqul.me