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I need help hiding prices on my front page and collection page. Showing them when you click on the listing page is preferred. I've tried so many other codes from other threads and none have worked for me.

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You can do this in Liquid (ideal) by finding the theme files that display the price elements, then remove the price element. It's probably a Snippet called something like product-thumbnail.liquid. You can search for price or product.price those might help you find it faster.


Make sure you duplicate your theme first and work on that backup theme, then preview before publishing (to make sure nothing breaks).


Alternatively you can hide the price with CSS. For this you can "inspect" the element in Chrome Dev Tools, get the CSS rule, than add that rule to your CSS stylesheet like this:

.element-class-name {
  display: none !important;

Method 1, hiding on the server side, is better for performance, but either will achieve the goal.

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please provide a store url help to better assist

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