Home page product images appear to be smaller than the placeholder images in Supply theme

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Hi there,

I'm using Supply theme for my site.

Once I added featured product collections on homepage, the product images appear as placeholder images in size of 272px x 272px.

After selecting a collection, the placeholder images are replaced by the real product photos. However, the images are in size of 250px x 250px.

They are smaller than the placeholder images, and it looks like there are margins on the right of the images.

Could someone tell how to resize the product photos on homepage to be 272px x 272px?

I would appreciate your help so much!

You may refer to the last two collections on my website.

Website: https://hillaryaudesign.myshopify.com

PW: oootest123



This is an accepted solution.


please add this code, at the very bottom, of your assets/theme.scss.liquid 

.product-grid-image--centered .lazyload__image-wrapper {max-width: 100%!important}


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@OpenThinking Thank you so much for your help!

Your solution works for me perfectly