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I am trying to add a video onto my homepage banner to replace the current image banner, but have been unsuccessful thus far and really need some help!

Since my theme does not support a banner video, I coded the video as a new section on the homepage with instructions from this article https://help.groupthought.com/article/221-video-add-an-mp4-looping-video-to-your-homepage , but this coding created some formatting issues on the site. For example:

  • the video got added as a new section on the homepage but did not replace the banner image, so the video and banner image are conjoined
    • if I 'hide' the banner image, the section below it gets messed up
  • a new random section is showing at the bottom of the homepage above the footer
  • it appears that the menu is cutting into the top of the video
  • the audio in the video is not working

How can I address the issues above (see images attached for reference)? Do I need a new code, or do I need to add more space for the video banner? And how do I get audio to work?

I did the coding on a backup version of the site so I can start from scratch if need be. Also, I don't know anything about coding, so I'd really appreciate all the help in advance!



weird formattingweird formatting

weird new working added to the left after coding in videoweird new working added to the left after coding in video