Hot linking external image for pixel tracking

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I'm trying to setup a pixel for tracking order values, but because I'm using Bold's Box and Subscription app it over rides the Shopify checkout and I'm having trouble with Bold's script inserter.


Bold uses a different piece of code than Shopify, but here is what they gave me (I've tried talking to their support, but they say its outside of what they will help with and directed me to hire someone):


*Script is triggered upon successful payment

Use [order_name] to insert the order number.

Use [subtotal] to insert the order subtotal.

There are several more variables they can pass, but those are the two I need.


The code I'm trying to embed is: 

 <img src="[subtotal]&adv_sub=[order_name]" width="1" height="1" />


When I used Bold's script inserter the code does show up on the view source of the checkout page, but it is full of escaped characters: 

"<img src=\"https:\/\/\/aff_l?offer_id=13067&amount=[subtotal]&adv_sub=[order_name]\" width=\"1\" height=\"1\" \/>\n\n\n\n\n\n\n"


I'm guessing that is why the server shows the pixel as not firing, when I cut and paste that link into my browser though, it works.


I've tried manually inserting the pixel into the files Bold installed in my theme folder, but nothing ever shows up, I'm guessing because I just pasted the HTML, and not liquid, I think inserting the link manually into the theme files would work, but I can't figure out how to create an external IMG tag in liquid.


If someone could show me how to add an external IMG link I'd like to try it, or if anyone knows what else could be causing the problem or how to fix it.


Thank you.