Hover over product image to pop out with more details

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Hi Everyone,


I'm looking to build a website similar to https://www.tiffany.com/jewelry/shop/rings/https://www.bulgari.com/en-au/.


I love how when you hover over the product it has like a little pop out with more information like the description and price. 


Is there a way of getting this in my store? Does it require in depth coding or is there a theme that is on the market that currently offers this feature? 


I am currently using Debut theme.


Thanks in Advance :)


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Hi  @LuxuryJewellery 


Can you share your store URL? And this can be achieved via code will surely help you.

Thanks & Regards
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Thats great news! here is the website url - https://luxurybrandjewellery.com

the password is Storageplus


let me know what other information you need :)


Thank you!