How Can I Center Related Products?

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Hello Everyone.

Here is my latest preview theme that I am working on.

When you click a product you go to the main product listing page.

At the bottom of each product page we have a recommended products section, as highlighted below.


How can I center these products shown?

Many thanks.


This is an accepted solution.

Hi @ianantwalks 

This is PageFly. I would love to provide the solution for your issue.

Please add the code below

.collection-listing .product-list {
	justify-content: center;

and follow the path:

Themes => edit code => asset => style.css.liquid
and add this code to bottom of the file style.css.liquid

Hope my answer help you. If you find it helpful, just give it a like. Let me know if you need help


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Thank you so much @PageFly - it worked great!

Can I possibly bother you with one more design related question please?

On the same preview theme, if you click Solutions in the header you get a puzzle solution page.

How can I make it so that when someone clicks a link to a video solution, a new window appears on the same page containing an embedded YouTube video?

Right now, if you test it, it opens up YouTube in a new tab.  We want to keep users on our site, and not navigate away, so I was wondering how I would edit each link to do what I am asking?

Thanks so much!

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I have the same problem (i'm using the debut theme) but do not have the file style.css.liquid in the asset. 

I probably being stupid but cannot find it. 

Please help!

Kind Regards