How Do You Create Product Bundles

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Hi, I have the Minimal shopify theme.  How would I create a Collection for bundles of products plus one free item ? For example, Spring Special - 6 marbles for $49.95 (Reg $79.95) + Free keychain ($24.95 Value) etc - those are not my products however. Is there a plugin or a paid theme that could do this or do you have to create a sales page in some way ???


Help appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi Kenneth!

Liam here from Shopify - thank you for your question :)

Great to see you are looking to offer discounts with specific groups of products, and luckily there is an app for exactly this. Product Bundles by Bold will be able to let you set up these kinds of rules for your products and there is even a 30 day free trial to help you get started with this app :)

Hope this helps Kenneth, if you have any other questions, just let me know!


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That helps.  Thanks Liam.

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Wow ... another app I need to buy to do something that should be built in. Yay!

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@MMATopSupplies: Agreed, there are a lot of hidden costs and fees to Shopify.

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So.. we're supposed to pay $29 a month for Shopify AND then pay $19.99 a month for this one feature? 

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Kinda agree with the direction this tread took.

There are several APP that do this: 

I am not affiliated with any of them but is not right to recommend a single one.


There are also "native" platform APIs, on Plus, like Scripts that can allow custom bundling functionality with discount pricing. tips, tricks & Shopify sections
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I'm THIS close to wrapping up this project on Shopify and converting the entire store to WooCommerce. It's a free eCommerce plugin (app) that runs on top of WordPress, which is also free, and there are 100s of FREE or ONE-TIME-COST plugins and extensions that make WooCommerce really amazing. Including things like Booster for WooCommerce, which for $ 39 (ONE TIME), gives you literally over 300 add-ons and options.


I really don't understand Shopify's approach of making the most minimal, "basic b*tch" system, and then charging ongoing fees for things that are native to pretty much every other eCommerce platform at this point.


The only downside to Wordpress / WooCommerce, is that you're responsible for security and malware; but this can be solved by hosting the site on a "managed WordPress hosting" platform like WPEngine, where they have a tech staff that monitors your site & makes sure it's safe and operational.