How To Add Menus To ONE Collection...NOT ALL.

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Hi All,


Just wanted to know if anyone knows how to add a menu to a single collection of a store instead of to all the collections?


Recently, I added a new collection to my store, which has a 3rd party theme.  I added a menu, which I only want for that specific collection, but somehow the theme added the menu to all of my other collections in the store as well.  I called Shopify Customer Service, and the rep said he didn't know how to remove the menu from the other collections, and keep it only on the collection I wanted.  He suggested I reach out to the developer of the theme, but the program where I got the theme from said they're not offering any help or support at all.  Is there any way to add a menu to just ONE collection of a general Shopify store?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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There is 2 ways to do this
1) Call different menus on single collection 

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This can be an easy fix, but we need to see your shop and know what collection and link you're talking about.

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